5 Top Tips for Weight Loss

A common challenge faced by many is when you want to lose weight. That being said, are you really serious about weight loss?

Let’s consider the five most important things to know/steps you should take to make sure you succeed at when you want to lose weight:

1. See a doctor for professional advice and a check up. Why might this make a difference? you will know where you stand health wise if you don’t already. All right, let’s say I follow this advice and what results should be expected?

You may have an unknown health issue that you didn’t know about that is making you fat. Your doctor may also be able to dish out advice that you can’t just google.

2. Check and see if your health insurance covers visits with a nutritionist. This will be significant because a lot of times people will decide to lose weight and the first thing they go for is some fad diet or pills or an exercise regime that they are never going to stick to. And, since this behavior appears to be apart of human nature and visits to a nutritionist might be free, check and see if it is covered. Your health insurance company knows it is better if they can prevent health issues.

3. Definitely pick an exercise routine that isn’t that challenging but is something that you don’t normally do and stick to it. This is because the best exercise program will be one that you do regularly. Not neccassirly one that is going to have athlete level expectations for you. Another reason in its favor is it becomes a part of your routine that isn’t painful.

If you commit to something painful, the first time you can’t do it, you’ll be glad you couldn’t do it and that is the beginning of the end.

4. Keep a food and mood diary so you can see what you are eating a why and plot for healthy alternative. Alright, so what is significant in regards to this? Sometimes we may feel that our eating is arbitrary but if you write things down with a date and time and mood, you will promptly see that it is not. Is there some other reason?

Yes, there is. You will feel a certain accountability when you are about to write down the things that you put in your body. You will not want a record of every cookie, potato chip and soda you consume. You will want clean records.

5. Don’t drink sugar too much and add something nutritional to your drinking habits. So what may be said in favor of this? So many calories come in liquid form. Think about it, a can of soda for instance can have about 4 tablespoons of sugar in it.

Now, if you poured a 12 oz. glass of water and added lemon would you follow that up with 4 heaping tablespoons of sugar?! I hope not, and to think if you drink more than one can of soda a day that is 4 tablespoons of sugar that you would never willfully shovel into a homemade drink. What alternative reasons might there be in support for this? Like I already said, you can make your own sweet drinks if you really must continue to drink sugary drinks and then you can control what amount of sugar you are receiving into your body.

And there it is five logically steps to help you lose weight. Good luck, get started now!

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